The Matthew Study focuses on the theme of Jesus Christ as our "Unexpected King."  Matthew refers to the idea of Kingdom numerous times and invites us to redefine everything about what it means to reign.



The Genesis study came about in a timely fashion.  By focusing on a theme of "New Beginning" we are challenged to step into a post-pandemic world with a new outlook.  Genesis is an old book with wisdom for today.



The Study of Acts focused on a theme of realizing that God is "Unstoppable."  It's a premise that connects with every aspect of our personal story- God is sovereign over every enemy and every obstacle.


God the Color; Praise the Canvas

A Bible Plan devoted to worshipping God in His manifold Glory.



My name is Brian Manson.  It's always hard to define a person in a few short sentences, but I'm hooked on all things "Bible."  I love to study it, talk about it, experience it, and glean wisdom from it.  This page is devoted to the efforts of mining the depths of biblical literacy and seeking every aspect of God's glorious nature.

I have the privilege of working for YouVersion to distribute the Bible to the ends of the earth.  Also, I enjoy getting to teach Oklahoma City through Bible Study Fellowship.  ...And near to my heart is the LifeKids ministry at Life.Church where I get to work with the next generation on receiving the truth of God's Word.