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Years ago when Jaime and I went on our first date, it's crazy to think of the adventures that we would go on. The best part of our marriage is the way that God has woven us together and challenged us to be the spouse that each other needs. Our ministry together is so much stronger than it could be independently. In the good times and hard times, we have been best friends.


Grace is our oldest child. We learned everything about parenting by experimenting on Grace ;). She is truly the picture of her name: God's undeserved favor. Grace loves to smile, and she makes us all smile.


Collin is 100% boy. He loves legos, trees, drawing, and movies. Collin has a kind heart and an inner strength.


Annabelle has an amazing gift to make friends wherever she goes, and to make people smile. She is silly and fun and full of love.


Lucas is our sweet boy that lives in heaven. His purpose was to be with us for 40 days and fill our hearts with love. He will always be in our hearts.


Joy is the picture of her name: full of happiness. She loves to cuddle and bring smiles to the faces of all who know her.


Benjamin is our newest family member. Full of smiles and love!